Thumbs Up Rating Guidelines

At Hanmer Holiday Homes, we believe real reviews/ratings from fellow holiday makers provide some of the best information to help you and others make future bookings. To ensure that all reviews/ratings are relevant, helpful, and genuine, we employ strict guidelines and quality control on all reviews/ratings shared with us.

Reviews/ratings are open to any paying Hanmer Holiday Homes Public Guest (guest). The reviews/ratings are not our opinions and are not endorsed by Hanmer Holiday Homes. Any reviews/ratings which do not meet the requirements of these guidelines will not be published.

Private, owner generated bookings will not be included.

Guests are sent a post stay survey via email after their stay at Hanmer Holiday Homes and are asked the following question:

Taking into account the price and the facilities offered, how would you rate this holiday home? 1 is Poor – 5 is Excellent. Guests then rate the holiday home on a scale of 1 – 5.

Once a guest provides a valid review/rating to the above question, it is then linked automatically to Hanmer Holiday Homes website (website) and is included in calculating the average thumbs up value which appears on the website.

Genuine and original

  • The reviewer/rater must have been a guest or a member of a guest’s party that stayed at a Hanmer Holiday Homes property.
  • The guest can only review/rate a property in which they have stayed with Hanmer Holiday Homes.
  • The reviewer must be at least 20 years of age.
  • Any review/rating must be submitted within 14 days of the guest’s date of stay.
  • Guests submitting a review/rating must be able to confirm their identity and/or email address.


  • The review/rating must be directly related to the property at which the guest stayed.
  • The property must be reviewed/rated in a constructive and informative manner.

Publishing Guidelines

  • We will not edit reviews/ratings.
  • By providing your review/rating, you agree to Hanmer Holiday Homes using all or any part of your review/rating for marketing or publicity purposes.
  • If, for any reason, the guest is evicted from the property the guest will not be eligible to submit a review/rating.


If you see a review/rating that does not conform to the above guidelines, please email

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